My New Job (sort of)

Plans set up a nice little appointment for me over my extended winter break as a substitute teacher’s assistant for the school district.  I was originally supposed to be a special education aide, but the special ed jobs didn’t start until January 10, and I wanted to start working earlier than that. So I chose one that started on January 3, at an elementary school approximately 15 mins away from my house by bicycle.  (Keep in mind I had been laying around, doing whatever I pleased whenever I desired for about a fortnight, and while I pride myself on being incredibly good at keeping myself busy, I do prefer to have a bit of outside order imposed on life.  Furthermore, the prospect of getting paid sooner was more than welcome.)

I’m called Miss Eleanor by a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders who need help with reading and math. Math! It’s ironic, I’m actually attempting to explain addition, which my father tells me he thought I’d never get…

I was really discombobulated for a couple days, just because I didn’t know what to expect–after all, it’s been awhile since I had any meaningful interactions with anyone under the age of 20.  But then, I kind of got the hang of it again, and now I’m realizing it’s really just a large-scale tutoring job.

The hours are nice–7:35 am to 11:35 am, M-F.  The teachers are pretty nice.  I’m finally realizing what it would have been like to actually attend public school. It’s completely different from homeschooling.  Completely. You have to “go to school” with the same teacher in the same room with the same classmates EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!! FIVE DAYS A WEEK!!!!!! AND YOU STAY THERE UNTIL 2:35 PM AT LEAST!!!! That’s like a seven hour class with different topics with a break every hour.  Already by 11:35, I’m quite ready to go home.  I have problems with classes longer than 75 minutes….And sometimes, you talk about the SAME TOPIC for multiple days in a row, which must bore the living daylights out of at least five people in my room…and you have to see the people you really don’t like EVERY DAY….there’s this one little boy who loves to torture the classmate who sits behind him on a daily basis….and she has great self-control, I’ve never seen her try to do anything other than yell at him….

And this is common! This is what most people have experienced in their lives! This really just blows my mind…wow….



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