It could have been worse…

Eagle carving, Vancouver Airport
Frog and Beaver carvings, Vancouver airport
Selfie at baggage claim

dscf7185 dscf7189

Series of okay-ish events:

My flight was supposed to be at 6:30 AM 21 Feb from San Francisco to Vancouver, but due to inclement weather it got delayed 12 hours. Luckily we checked ahead of time and didn’t go to the airport until the right time.   Then, instead of having a 3 hour layover, I spent the night in the Vancouver airport.  12 hours would have been enough to get out of the airport and see something if it hadn’t been 10:45 PM when I got out of the baggage claim. (Yes I had to collect it and re-check it). My mom and dad told me I could purchase some interesting food in the airport if I wanted because I would be there so long, but then, I ended up eating dscf7191

because it was the only thing open and I was really hungry. 😐

I had books to read and word-search puzzles to do, so I was okay. 🙂

Actually when we found out that I would be in the airport for so long my dad bought me three new books to read.  I didn’t finish any of them, but  I started two.

Anyway, I collected my luggage at Incheon and got on the bus to Seoul and then took a taxi to my hostel, where I sit in relative comfort despite the really cold temperature.

Totem pole.  This airport had lots of Canadian Aboriginal art
Totem pole. This airport had lots of Canadian Aboriginal art
I like this bear
I like this bear

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