Student life


People lining up in the hall.
People lining up in the hall.

My class is in here. I feel smart.

One of my classes is in here.  I feel smart.
These desks are so much better than Long Beach!!!
These desks are so much bigger than Long Beach!!!
Sitting in the second row!!
Sitting in the second row!!
Blackboard +hi-tech automatic eraser
Blackboard +hi-tech automatic eraser

Now that I’ve had a truly complete week, I can tell you about the rest of the classes I understood. 😛

…I told you I had signed up for architectural engineering and design, right? The professor was not expecting any exchange students to enroll in the course.  Lucky for me and one other Peruvian exchange student, this professor had extensive personal foreign scholar experience, finishing MS and PhD studies at Kyoto U., doing post-doc lab work at the Lawrence Berkley Lab, working in a construction management company in Los Angeles, becoming Dankook Uni’s foreign exchange coordinator, and finally becoming the architectural engineering and design department chair.  So he presented the outline of the course in Korean and English, and encouraged all the Koreans to please be welcoming to the exchange students. (Korean people don’t normally like to talk with strangers.)  Then I went to his office where he told us more about his work with energy efficient buildings and his particular expertise in energy efficient lighting. We talked a little bit about water management as an important factor in environmentally-friendly buildings. He was excited that I was interested in this topic.  For the final project, I am planning to research water management in traditional Korean homes.  I hope it will go well! Also, right outside his door, he has a quote that says “Done is better than perfect.” Amen to that. 🙂

And I’m doing the mobile programming course, so I went to talk to the professor, who is remarkably like Dr. Ai.  Maybe they are long-lost brothers.  He is very mild-mannered, and has a nice intonation.  Also, his English is almost native-sounding. Oh, and all my American senior friends, take a look at this:

 And I was in his office to discuss whether it would be a good idea for me to try doing the project with the rest of the class without (any!) background knowledge, and he said that I was welcome to attend lectures without taking a grade for the class. He told me that in fact, he doesn’t like to give out bad grades, he feels guilty.  I was so surprised, and very relieved.

I’ll admit I dozed off in the introductory lecture for Intellectual Property Law, but I’m making up for that by volunteering to be the first person to give a presentation.  My assigned topic is “Distinctiveness in Trademarks”.  It’s due on Tuesday.  We’ve been talking about trademarks and how they’re protected in Korea.  I learned the words for “trademark” “distinctive” “law” “unfair competition” “sanction” “request” and “trade secret” in Korean this week.  😀  And I’m the only exchange student in this one.  :O

And, since I had the opportunity, I volunteered to be my group leader in my trade laws and rules class.  Why not, right? No one else wanted to do it.  That was an interesting class.  It’s a large lecture type, and the professor gets excited easily.  He likes to repeat himself though.  He belabored the “how to prepare a presentation” point until I was about to start screaming and throwing tomatoes.  But I think it will be an interesting class.

I’m planning a trip to Busan, a must-see spot in South Korea (still figuring out why).  I’m looking forward to it! I’ve even got the transportation budget worked out, including the “in Busan” transportation.  You know, the more I work with logistics, the more fun it becomes.

Since Korea is really a lot more expensive than I thought it would be, I went to the grocery store, bought about 30,000 KRW worth of food, and then did meal prep for 1 week in the international student kitchen.  If I can make it last for 10 days, then I will have spent only 3,000 KRW on food per day, which is the average cost per meal.  My original goal was to only have to eat out one time every day, rather than three.  Then I thought maybe I could live if I only ate out once every two days if I portion my food a little smaller, but I made quite a lot, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll take some pictures next time. 😀

Homework.  Budget woes.  Social life.  Vaguely working on my career plans.

I’m a college student.  Can you tell? 😉









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