Good decisions

(FYI this post is a bit after the fact, but I figure you’ll want a complete story….)

I’ve made a good decision.

I’m dropping Intellectual Property Law.

I’ve been thinking about which class I could drop with as much mental and emotional impunity as possible, and that was it.

I felt kind of sad to make that decision, but….

When I got that email saying that I’ll start tutoring on Monday, and if I could please make a first lesson plan that would be great, my immediate, visceral reaction to that email was that I really wanted to punch something. (Don’t worry, I didn’t.) Punching and breaking are in the same family of verbs, and I’d like to leave Korea with all three pairs of glasses and my brand new computer fully intact. And my cell phone.

Due to the fact I plan to travel after the semester and would like to do so as economically and safely as possible, I need to spend time working out plans and dates.  I can’t lie, that’s super time consuming, and my friend and I were trying to do this together and I was falling asleep….I was talking about travelling and I was falling asleep….this is possibly even worse than breaking something.

Bad decisions make good stories…

But good decisions make better ones!



One thought on “Good decisions

  1. momchin March 31, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    Balancing your life is hard. But good for taking care of yourself and your stuff


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