The library

“A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.”
Shelby Foote

When people write about meeting their significant other, there tends to be a sentence in their soliloquy about “finding exactly what they needed without looking for it.”

Well, what about finding what you need because you knew exactly what you needed and went looking for it?

I needed to boost my flagging academic morale.

I’m hitting a plateau in my computer coding–the novelty has worn off and now it’s kind of a chore, but it’s still a struggle to follow what’s going on in class every single time.  As for architecture, it seems like I jumped off a diving board into what I thought would be a medium-sized lake with a lot of cute fish and small water animals in it, but actually I jumped into a really big lake with no clear bottom and too much algae.  Trade theory is so-so, and trade law is just a real humdinger.

So I went to find the foreign language section of the library.

As soon as I entered the room, I knew it was the right place.  The smell alone was comforting.  The library is kept completely pure, as if characterizing scent was a disease to be obliterated.  Except for in this room, which smells like old books.

now pardon me while I shout at you for a bit because it’s super exciting:

There are four complete–not half-rows, but complete rows  of foreign language books.  One row is for TOEIC prep, and then, after that, the fun starts.  Japanese takes up more than half a row.  I found BOOKS PUBLISHED IN THE 21ST CENTURY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to learn Thai, Indonesian, and Turkish.  There was also curricula for Russian, Spanish, French, and Kiswahili.  Kiswahili….

And if that wasn’t good enough, they have books to learn minority languages in China, as well as minority languages in other countries.  I found a book to learn Aymara–an indigenous language of Peru. When your library is willing to stock books like that, you know you’re at a nice school.

And of course, I had to check out the learning Korean for foreigners section.  I found several different curricula that I’d like to check out and browse through–a lot published by Ewah, some published by Yonsei, and even one published by the Korean Broadcasting Service!!!

😀 😀 😀


AND, they have two rows worth of guide books for international travelling, written in Korean!



Room 402. My thoughtful spot.

Mission accomplished.  My morale has been boosted quite high.


One thought on “The library

  1. momchin April 5, 2017 / 2:25 am

    Glad there is a place to recharge


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