This was originally part of the Catching Up post, but I thought it deserved its own…


I went to visit my friend’s church two weeks ago.  It was cool. It’s a small church by Korean standards, (probably medium-size by US standards) but it’s nice.  You can really feel the love and community there, it reminds me of the place in Mariposa. They have a really active mission committee (hahaha), going to Myanmar twice per year, younger generation in the summer, older generation in the winter.  Church is kind of an all-day thing, two services, and lunch and dinner included, with mission prep afterwards.

My friend (BTW his name is Dean) is super-super involved in his church, leading parts of worship, doing stuff for mission prep, and other things that I don’t really know about but I sense he does because (seemingly) everyone there knows him and likes him.  And I finally realized that this is a good thing.  My dad was like that when we were kids and I became resentful all the time he spent doing stuff at church, but now I can better appreciate just how meaningful and important it is to serve others in the body of Christ.

This has been the first year since I left Taiwan that I’ve been seriously involved in a regular church.  Maybe even since I graduated high school–I attended my Taiwanese church kind of irregularly.  Anyway, involved meaning, I went pretty much every Sunday.  I didn’t really do any service things, but I’ll be more proactive about looking for opportunities in my next place.

When I was leaving Dean’s church, one of the people I met there said “See you in heaven.” It struck me as beautiful.  It makes the great commission seem slightly less intimidating, because I’d want to be able to say that to all the friends I make.

As much as I hate admitting this, I don’t have my next steps after undergrad academia exactly laid out yet, and it really scares me a lot.  A. LOT.  But one part seems to be pretty clear–that I serve others and share the gospel.  If I focused on that, probably the rest would fall into place.  As my father would say, what a novel idea.

(Although, if you have a post-grad roadmap printed anytime after 2013, you can feel free to scan that my way….)




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