The temple outside the airport


Posting after the fact, but it’s one of those stories that I do believe will become immortal.  Well, actually, in a sense, all stories are immortal…okay, let’s not go there today.

So.  I was stuck in the Bangkok airport. FOR 22 HRS.

I could have taken a taxi back to downtown Bangkok and spent another night in a different hostel, but seeing that I had already been quite a generous contributor to Bangkok’s taxi industry, I was not inclined to do that.

I could have paid extra to change my flight again, because it was comparatively inexpensive, but at this point in time and in life, I have more time than money, so I decided to just wait.

For 22 hours.

(Well, I’m not going to count the other 2-3 hours that passed while I went out exploring around the area.  These pictures are a result of that.)

Now, this is my fault, because I booked a flight ticket for 1 July, and my friend told me they had changed their flight to 30 June because the 1 July flight had been cancelled.  So I wasn’t too careful when I bought the ticket…because I assumed all flights to Chiang Mai on July 1 had been cancelled.  I don’t know how I arrived at this conclusion.  I really don’t.

This makes me kind of mad.  This is the THIRD time within the span of 5 months where I’ve spent a significant amount of time in an airport.  (22 hrs has got to be a record.) also the third time where I got the flight details wrong.  I can’t believe it’s the third time.

But anyway, there was a nice convenient bridge to go outside the airport.  I seriously debated about whether I trusted myself enough to leave the airport and make it back without getting so lost that I actually missed my flight, but I got so bored waiting I decided to risk it.

But I made it back, hallelujah.



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