classically Thai

Top things to do in Bangkok:

  1. Get lost. (S)
  2. Get hopelessly lost. (S)
  3. Spend a lot of money in taxis because you’re so lost. (S)
  4. Visit temples (S)
  5. Visit more temples (W)
  6. Go on a pre-arranged tour of Ayuttha (a series of comparatively ancient temples) (W)
  7. Get ripped off when purchasing a tour to the floating market (S)
  8. Visit the floating market (S)
  9. Buy tourist junk at the floating market (W)
  10. Buy more tourist junk on Khao San road (S)
  11. Drink Chang and Singha on Khao San road (W)
  12. Go visit the bank (S)
  13. Go visit the visa service center (S)
  14. Ride the BTS, MRT, and Airport Rail line. (S)
  15. Eat street food (S)
  16. Get minor food poisoning from street food (S)
  17. Build up extreme heat tolerance (S)

Some of these things are better done with a friend.  For your reference, I’ve annotated the ones you can do by yourself with (S) and the ones you should do with someone else (W).


I’m proud to say that with the exceptions of numbers 10 and 11, I have completed every one of these things. (I’m going to buy tourist junk in Chinatown on my last couple days.)

I’m not going to bother telling you about me getting lost, it’s already happened so many times I don’t even remember each incident clearly. (Not that I really care to do so, jajaja) Chances are also, that if you’re reading this, you probably already know who I am and that I have a high propensity of getting lost easily.

Getting ripped off: I was reviewing my last posts and realized I hadn’t told this story here.  Well.  I booked a tour for 550 that should have been 250.  (And then had to pay an extra 150 on top of that.) And I booked it for 3 people because I thought my friends would come with me.  But they had already made plans. 😦 So that was just dumb.  Someone made a really nice commission off me that day.

But I’ve enjoyed the temple-hopping here, both on my own and with others. I met up with my friend from the Dankook exchange program and went on the Ayuttha tour with him. (Ayuttha was one of the old Thai kingdoms and the ruins are a designated UNESCO heritage site.)

Moving on, I had to make the trek out to the Thailand branch of my bank in order to inform the USA branch/call center to let them know I was travelling.  This was very inconvenient, but I feel special now.  Probably not so many tourists say they went all the way to the bank to make a phone call.

The bank is located inside the Central World shopping mall.  I’ve got to say, the shopping malls here and in the Philippines are pretty darn intense–more than 5 floors, with large, spacious interiors, shiny tile floors and most importantly out here, STRONG AIR CONDITIONING.

I also had to visit the China Visa Service center…but I didn’t finish applying because I was missing a document.

I rode all three modes of train here in Bangkok. It was fine.  I think that’s just going to be one of my travel idiosyncrasies–that I make it a point to ride the metro system in every place I visit.  Like how I try to visit a library or a bookstore in every place I visit, despite not being able to read anything.

The beer was okay.  It tasted like fermented wheat juice with alcohol.  😛 I wouldn’t call myself an alcohol connoisseur,  but I was super curious to try the Chang and Singha, purely because there are a lot of tourist t-shirts with Chang logos, and I like the word “Singha”.  It sounds good. Strong and powerful. Plus the logo is even better than the Chang logo.

I’ve enjoyed the street food, but the portion sizes are pretty small, so I get hungry again later.  And last night I think I had mild food poisoning, because my stomach was hurting. (Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ll just be a little more careful from now.)





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