District 1

Eleanor’s plan, day 1:

Apply for student visa for next semester (morning)

Taking a long walk, exploring the city, seeing if I recognize anything (afternoon)

Eating dinner with my friend (evening)

I should know by now how this whole visa run thing works, but I forgot an important part.

Visa offices tend to be open shorter hours, and sometimes they are only open in the morning.  And I’m too scared to process this one by mail because I’m not living in one address for a long period of time.  So I made the 45 minute trek to the visa office.

And arrived exactly 13 minutes after they stopped accepting applications.

On Friday.



Well, I was kind of not too happy, but I continued on with the plan for the day, eating some nice Pho and checking out the Ho Chi Minh City Museum.  The fee for taking photos is more than the entrance ticket price.  So I didn’t take any photos.  It’s an amazing museum though, I wish I had gone eight years ago.  Somewhat of an eccentric collection, this museum contains everything from replicas representing the history of Vietnamese heavy industries and shipping to wedding garments from the minority groups in the region to archaeological treasures.  Then I took a motorbike-taxi back, and later went to meet my friend.



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