….but for life not to escape us…

Well, I hope you enjoyed the last set of pictures I put up.

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.  I have no intentions of getting into photography, and I will not be buying a dslr which I have to buy another case for and worry about dropping or having stolen.  But it’s just nice when you look at photos later and then go, “wow that would be a good screen background sometime”.

Anyway, I’ve had an eventful couple of days.

I was playing around in HCMC and I took a guided tour of the infamous Cu Chi tunnels, it was really so fascinating! And the guide was an animated storyteller who liked singing.  He did an impromptu singing performance for us.  It was fun.  And then I went to mui ne.  That wasn’t actually a planned stop, but I saw some pictures from someone else that went and they looked very nice, so I thought I’d go.  It was kind of a waste of money.  There’s nothing there other than sand dunes and more sand dunes and incredibly thin cows walking around on the sand dunes. (There’s the beach, if you’re into that…) Plus I wanted to see the famous sunrise, so I paid for a sunrise tour (which wasn’t too bad) but the weather was terrible and the driver got started late and had to pick up eight more people.  By the time he finished getting everyone, the sun (if you can call it that) had risen in the clouds.  And then it rained. :/

Then I went to Nha Trang.  I had hoped to meet my ex roommate but she was on a business trip.  Bad timing, haha.  It’s okay.  I had fun.  The pictures in the last post are from Nha trang.  The Sinitic-style temple is the Long Son Pagoda.  The one made out of bricks is the Po Nagar temple.

And, in Nha Trang, I went cliff jumping.

I went to Ba ho, which is like a nature reserve.

It’s like the place in Jeju.  I like it.

It cost me about $46 to go there and back by taxi because there was no public transportation, and then the impromptu tour guide extorted $18.18 out of me…so it was expensive, but it was really nice.

And then I went back to HCMC to meet my friend again.  I got to meet her baby and other family members. 😀

Now I am in central Vietnam, in Hue, the old capital.

I was originally going to take the plunge and do a couchsurfing arrangement, but that didn’t work out, so I stayed in another hostel.

I went to see the Imperial palace yesterday, it was very nice.

I saw this eight years ago!! Now it is undergoing renovation. The area around it has become what I imagine as a mini harajuku
Impressive looking temple/pagoda/shrine



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