Opening Remarks

You might be wondering why the domain name and the blog name are two different things.  I actually created the domain a couple years ago, when I was still trying to study Japanese and Korean simultaneously, and I thought I’d blog about that.  Self-studying two languages took a bit more time and energy than I first thought, so I didn’t end up using it. Between the time of inception and now, I’ve quit studying Japanese, diversified my interests beyond pure foreign vocabulary acquisition, and jumped through the admin hoops to go and study abroad.  Since the point of blogging is to share with other people, these are the things I’ll be sharing:

  1. The answers to my writing prompts
  2. Musings
  3. My study abroad experiences

Hence the new name “Fiction and Company: For the 642 TINY things to write about and then some.”  I tried to change the domain name to fictionandco, but it was already taken.  That’s okay. 😉

In conclusion, the refrain from one of my favorite cafe songs summarizes this blog quite well:

“I have written heaps of pages/ On different types of paper/ Pieces of daydreams, pieces of voyages/ And often words for you/ I will add a few sentences to end the story in a different way/ I open it up so that words may fly away/ And may be blown in the wind.”

(Myrtille, Les Pages English translation Putumayo Presents Paris CD booklet page 26)


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