Muui Island 3

I just realized I never told you about the rest of the pictures from Muui Island. Again, half the fun, or maybe 2/3 of the fun, or even 3/4 of the fun is getting there.  I left the hotel and the airport shuttle dropped me off close to where I could supposedly walk to the island.  Well, I mean, I did, over the road-bridge with a really tight shoulder. I didn’t get hit by any cars or fall into the water, which was nice.  Then I was kind of confused as to how I was getting to the actual island because I hiked up this hill which seemed to be closed to the public, but I saw a car coming out from there, so I went there, but it lead to a construction site.  Eventually, I followed the massive wave of tourists to the ferry boat, I trust you can know which pictures those were, and went to the real island.  From there I walked a very long way to get to the beach, and I saw a lot of the island.  There’s a beach and a hiking trail, and it’s quite nice.  But I took the bus back because I was walking for a really long time.

Once I was on the beach the scenery was good. The water was really shallow for a long time.  It’s kind of hard to describe the ripples in the sand, but you had to go out a little bit before you could really wave jump or anything.  Anyway, I didn’t go in so deep, I only brought one change of clothes.

Then after I saw enough of the beach, I left.

Even though I am glad that no one came with me because the logistics weren’t so smooth, when I actually got to the destination, it really wasn’t that fun on my own. I mean, the coolest thing I saw there was the rocks on the beach. My friends asked me “What is there to see?” I said “Rocks”, and they said, “That’s it?” and I said “Ya”.  Well, I don’t think I did a very good job promoting that destination. 😉


Prep work (or, reality is harsh)

Recently, I found a bogart. It was an endlessly rushing river of paperwork that needed reviewing, redoing, and re-submitting. It resisted my repeated roars of “RIDICKULUS!” so I recognized it must be REAL.

I’ve had this fear that I’m going to get there and have forgotten some important paper and be sent back, so today I spent way more time than necessary just checking and double checking I have everything they asked for both in the electronic application form and in my hard-copy folder that I’ll be presenting at the university.  Some of the things they ask for in the application form are not required as hard-copies to be handed in, an example being my Korea study plan.  Ugh, even thinking about paperwork makes me want to cry and scream in frustration.


Anyway, we’re getting closer! Just six more days!

Attempting to pack for myself draft 1
Attempting to pack for myself draft 1
It's not working
It’s not working
So I asked my mom to do it for me
So I asked my mom to do it for me
It's depressing to think you're at least semi-capable at something and then be awakened by reality.
It’s depressing to think you’re at least semi-capable at something and then be awakened by reality.
Oh well.
Oh well.

My mom also made the packing list for me.


On a more serious note, something I’m looking forward to in Korea is meeting more people who are like-minded, have similar backgrounds, and are good at discussing ideas, rather than events.  I want to meet people that have also read current data on tourism and can talk about these trends and their opportunities with me.  I want to meet people who are thirsty for deeper knowledge of subjects like market developments and entrepreneurship and the trade in intellectual property.  I want to meet people who like watching slice-of-life foreign-language films.  I want to meet people who have internalized myths and legends and children’s stories from around the world and can reference them easily in conversation.  I want to meet people that inspire me to pursue my faith to another level. I want to meet people who write their own stories.  I want to meet people who aren’t particularly impressed that I speak almost three languages because they can express themselves in four or five. I want to meet people that recognize the names Simone Porter and Benjamin Beilman.  I really, really, really hope that I won’t be giving various versions of an elevator speech to different people every single week.

Wish me luck.