Muui Island 3

I just realized I never told you about the rest of the pictures from Muui Island. Again, half the fun, or maybe 2/3 of the fun, or even 3/4 of the fun is getting there.  I left the hotel and the airport shuttle dropped me off close to where I could supposedly walk to the island.  Well, I mean, I did, over the road-bridge with a really tight shoulder. I didn’t get hit by any cars or fall into the water, which was nice.  Then I was kind of confused as to how I was getting to the actual island because I hiked up this hill which seemed to be closed to the public, but I saw a car coming out from there, so I went there, but it lead to a construction site.  Eventually, I followed the massive wave of tourists to the ferry boat, I trust you can know which pictures those were, and went to the real island.  From there I walked a very long way to get to the beach, and I saw a lot of the island.  There’s a beach and a hiking trail, and it’s quite nice.  But I took the bus back because I was walking for a really long time.

Once I was on the beach the scenery was good. The water was really shallow for a long time.  It’s kind of hard to describe the ripples in the sand, but you had to go out a little bit before you could really wave jump or anything.  Anyway, I didn’t go in so deep, I only brought one change of clothes.

Then after I saw enough of the beach, I left.

Even though I am glad that no one came with me because the logistics weren’t so smooth, when I actually got to the destination, it really wasn’t that fun on my own. I mean, the coolest thing I saw there was the rocks on the beach. My friends asked me “What is there to see?” I said “Rocks”, and they said, “That’s it?” and I said “Ya”.  Well, I don’t think I did a very good job promoting that destination. 😉